The Educational Experience


The Experience

Each session includes educational and socialization activities, concluding with a nutritious lunch. Students are given a chance to explore the areas of music, science, art, and constructive play while developing their visual, motor, and pre-reading skills.

The Coal Pit Philosophy

The founders of Coal Pit Learning Center believed that providing low income children with essential social, emotional, and academic skills would give them the confidence and capabilities needed to excel in school, thus enabling them ultimately to enter the work force competitively and to escape from or avoid the cycle of poverty. The central focus of the Coal Pit program is building a positive concept of self in each and every child, based upon the children’s actual achievements in the program. Increased self-control and a positive approach toward learning demonstrate the children’s improved attitude toward life in general as they progress through the program.

Exposing these children to a nurturing environment at such an early age has a profound impact. The children’s successes at Coal Pit carry over into kindergarten, elementary school, and even further into higher education. The lessons they learn in those years teach them the things they need to live better, more fulfilled lives in adulthood.

However, Coal Pit takes one more step: reaching out to the parents. Coal Pit teaches parenting skills and life lessons to whole families.

Our Facility

In our recently expanded and remodeled building, we have separate classrooms for three year olds and four year olds with programs, activities, and materials tailored for each age group.

Our music area with grand piano and enlarged outdoor playground has been recently added and encourage children to expand their skills and socialization.

Children enjoy parties and nutritious daily lunches in our renovated dining and kitchen area.

Indoor and outdoor toys as well as playground equipment provide ample fun for an active day. Arts and crafts and puzzles and games encourage creativity and early childhood development.